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Scientific studies reveal proven natural methods to make wrinkles, poor eyesight, failing memory, and pains disappear at last…
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There’s a secret that only a handful of ancient civilizations knew, one that has been lost over time…
It’s the secret to reversing aging.

This isn’t about taking a handful of pills or applying some magic cream. This secret was common knowledge to our ancestors and it worked.

One of these ancient civilizations are a remote tribe in central Asia that live to an average age of 145!

We imagine someone 145 years old as one who can barely walk, crippled over in pain, unable to do any daily activities, and possibly suffering from severe memory loss or even full-blown dementia.

No, they had sharp minds and strong bodies to boot! They were active, worked daily, and enjoyed their life to the fullest.

With the passage of time, the industrial revolution, and now in our digital age – our modern way of life has accelerated aging.

It’s like driving in a car going downhill and realizing too late that the brakes don’t work!

Now we have cell phones, 24 hours a day / seven days a week work schedules, eat hyper-processed foods, are exposed to dangerous pollution, we don’t get enough rest, and don’t consume enough of the vital nutrients you need to keep you strong and maintain your youthful radiance.

Why would you want to suffer with aches and pains of rapid aging, when you could reverse aging, repair your DNA, and end the frustration of not looking and feeling your best?

Surprisingly traditional doctors have known about this proven natural way to reverse aging to make the next 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years of your life the best ever. Without walkers, failing eyesight, or failing memory.

So why haven’t you heard of this proven anti-aging phenomenon?

Because traditional medicine treats the symptoms of aging not the underlying cause.

How to Reverse Aging by Stopping the Deadly Effects of Free Radicals

Hi, my name is Alex Bradford. I’ve been a health researcher, writer, and editor for nearly twenty years.

I discovered these secrets through years of painstaking research and investigation, uncovering hidden cures and natural disease fighters that mainstream healthcare wants to keep out of your hands.

What I’ve learned is turning the health and nutrition world on its ear…

I’ve uncovered the truth and written the Anti-Aging Phenomenon Book… that proves you don’t need goji berries and acai drinks to be healthy. You don’t need any special drinks like the advertisers want you to think, so that you’ll buy their sugary lie at the grocery store.

And you don’t have to waste money on a “one-a-day” either, like the giant food companies that make the cheapest vitamins want you to think. They use the worst, synthetic ingredients and give you doses at the minimum level…

…and then they leave you on your own, like I was…

No, the truth is, you don’t need to gulp down cheap synthetic pills that never get digested. And you don’t need to go on a search for obscure foods that cost a fortune.

And, you never need to feel like you’re alone… because I’m going to be there every step of the way to give you a real defense against chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cognitive decline, osteoporosis – even cancer.

Because what mainstream medicine, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and the health information police don’t want you to know, I’m going to share with you…

You see, Scientists and leading researchers have discovered the link between oxidative stress and most diseases, including heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes.

Oxidative stress causes free radicals.
free radical damage
Free radicals attack you internally as a result of stress, hormones, a weakened immune system, disease, inflammation, and poor eating habits – just to name a few factors.

Every day free radicals also attack you externally in the form of pollution, ultraviolet light, industrial chemicals, radiation, ozone depletion, and cigarette smoke just to name a few causes.

Free radicals are what create disease and aging. They have the power to inflict havoc on your body and your quality of life.

Once free radicals have depleted your cells, your surrounding cells kick into overdrive to try to stabilize and normalize your cell structure.

This cycle repeats continuously and results in a constant attack on your body. If the free radicals aren’t stopped, then their destabilization will damage your cells until those cells stop functioning altogether, which is known as oxidative stress.

Unlock the Anti-Aging Phenomenon in Your Body

The good news is, there’s a perfect weapon to fight this enemy of your best health… nature’s “secret recipes” that give your body the power to stop oxidative stress and reverse the damage it has already caused…

Once you have used what I’m about to show you will feel like a completely new person in a few short weeks, and:

  • Stop deadly cancers from ever forming
  • Rejuvenate your aging brain
  • Improve your lungs with every breath
  • Detoxify and strengthen your liver
  • Overcome dangerous digestive problems and keep your gut flora healthy
  • Keep your vision clear and sharp for life
  • Build a disease-proof heart

And these are just a few of the hidden secrets I’m going to show you… and when you use them, you’ll have a potent immune system, incredible energy, and your best health starting today!

Maybe you’re thinking, “Do truly effective natural cures even exist?

It’s normal to be skeptical. In fact, I was the biggest skeptic of all. It took a committed effort to my long-term health (as well as hundreds of hours of intensive research) to learn the truth that’s being kept hidden. That’s why, instead of saying, “Trust me,” I’d rather you see the data (and feel free to check it yourself).

Arrow - Hand Drawn Blue You’ll discover how research studies support and prove the ability to cure and prevent diseases in the Anti-Aging Phenomenon it is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to use.

I want you and your family to discover what this “Anti-Aging Secret” is, see first-hand the research I’ve uncovered, and understand how you can use it to extend the number of years you have to enjoy a vital, productive and disease-free life with your loved ones.

  • I will show you which foods you can fit into your diet immediately that will work hand-in-hand to fight free radical vandalism.
  • Unlock the mystery behind your body’s worst enemy: AGING and discover how to use the Anti-Aging Phenomenon to successfully reverse disease and aging.
  • You will understand why eating so-called convenience foods are the main cause of malnutrition, a weakened immune system, poor wound healing, and brittle bones as you age.
  • I will guide you through creating your own personal action plan to determine how to apply what I’ll show you to your life each and every day.

By the time you finish reading this letter, you will realize powerful natural cures do exist that can be unlocked with the Anti-Aging Phenomenon to reverse and eliminate virtually all disease…

“Real People…Real Results…”
“I remember the moment the truth of anti-aging and antioxidants came together for me. I’ve lost both parents and my in-laws in the last few years. My parents and my husband’s parents smoked, were obese, and drank heavily throughout their lives. All four had Type 2 Diabetes, two of the four had emphysema, every single one of them had experienced minor strokes and/or heart attacks. Reading that these diseases were not just preventable but that some damage could actually be reversed gave me a new lease on life.

My family is taking baby steps…but things are already so much better. Thank you for explaining something so complex, so simply – it’s something we should have all figured out by now. The Anti-Aging Phenomenon really was the key.”
– K. Goldberger, St. Louis, MO

Defend Every Organ Against Cancer

Cancer… just the word can make you feel helpless and afraid.

First, I’ll reveal the top 8 cancer risk factors (page 158).

Then I’ll tell you the three most powerful cancer fighters, AND show you how to use them (page 159). Plus, you’ll discover the eight steps you MUST take to prevent cancer (page 160).

Did you know, that hundreds of clinical trials show that certain foods scientifically known as “apoptosis foods” actually cause cancer cells to self-destruct? I’ll give you these dynamic food combinations, that can be used to prevent cancer cells from multiplying and spreading throughout your body.

Just a few of them include:

  • The abundant source of anti-cancer flora you can get right at your local market… one type from the Mediterranean is an effective antitumor agent that leaves normal cells completely untouched. And extracts of types from Japan, Korea and even Brazil have been found to kill many types of cancer including colorectal and skin cancer.ii,iii(page 22)
  • An extract from a common vegetable that’s been found to kill three different cancer cell linesvii(page 23)
  • The under-the-radar cancer fighter that you can eat for just pennies a day… yet the different kinds fight both breast and prostate cancer.viii(page 23)

It’s alarming news to most people that 35% to 75% of cancer cases can be traced to our diets…

That’s why I want you to take advantage of discoveries use the knowledge of the latest, cutting edge research. Because it has revealed the true power of all these 100% natural cancer killers. So if you’re ready…

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It’s a must-have guide and resource.

The Anti-Aging Phenomenon isn’t just a how-to to avoid cancer book…

Eliminate Heart Disease and Build An Ironclad Heart

You can keep your arteries clear, naturally control your blood pressure, lower cholesterol, prevent strokes, and keep your blood pumping steadily… all without drugs.

In fact, you can do ALL that with this one single class of powerful compounds, it’s been linked to the French Paradox.

The “French Paradox” is how French people who drink wine daily and eat huge amounts of cheese, pastries, and other “forbidden foods” have half the rate of heart disease found in the United States.

circulatory repair

1) The illustration on the left (the green spheres) represent free radicals attacking blood cells and damaging your circulatory system. 2) The illustration on right (the blue cells) represent the anti-aging phenomenon at work neutralizing free radicals and repairing your circulatory system.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also:

  • Discover how you can reduce your risk of heart disease by 47% – (page 123)
  • Did you know… that if one amino acid becomes elevated in your blood this increases your chance of death by heart attack by four times. I will show you how to reduce this dangerous amino acid and virtually eliminate your risk of heart disease(page 125)
  • If you have heart disease or had cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, or angioplasty this combined duo of antioxidants can drastically lower plaque build-up in your arteries and reduce artery blockage by 41% – (page 120)

Heart disease is the biggest killer in America… but it’s completely preventable, and in some cases, even reversible.

And the good news is, it’s never too late to start disease-proofing your heart. I urge you to…

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Repair Your Aging Brain

Now, I want you to do me a favor… think back for a moment and count how many times in the last month you went into a room of your house and forgot why you went in there.

Got it?

How to Improve Your Memory

Is the number greater than once a week?

Let me ask you another question… Do you ever read a line from a book or newspaper and have to go back a re-read it again?

Well, then Penn State University research studies are going to be a huge relief for you.

This cutting-edge research shows that it’s free radical damage that actually destroys brain cells. Both in your frontal lobe, which regulates your decision making process. And in your temporal lobes which control memory, emotions, hearing, and language.

Both of these crucial areas of your brain can lose 30-40% of their neurons over time as free radical damage progresses!

However, there are natural solutions to halt this loss of memory and cognitive function.

And in The Anti-Aging Phenomenon, you’ll discover how you can even improve and repair the damage already done to your brain. You’ll have the keys to prevent dementia and even early-onset Alzheimer’s.

  • You can easily prevent the one key element that causes brain deterioration and protect your memory with these plants.
  • You can even lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 60%, just by eating this Super Food at least once a week.
  • Prevent memory loss (cognitive impairment) by 63% and halt the onset of Alzheimer’s by 78% with these two powerhouse compounds.

In fact, by using the secrets found in the Anti-Aging Phenomenon you will be able to create a super cellular network that protects and reinvigorates your brain cells. Available instantly now:

You’ll be amazed at what this research is already doing for people just like you…

“This Book Has Transformed My Health”
“I never understood the power of natural remedies until I read The Anti-Aging Phenomenon. Being in my mid-thirties and wanting to look and feel as good as possible, (as I age gracefully) this book has transformed my habits and improved by health by leaps and bounds. I suffered from a blood clot in my leg 10 years ago, which resulted in hospitalization and prescriptions for Coumadin and other medications. The condition known as DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) created painful inflammation in my leg, daily swelling and water retention, and weakened my leg.

When I read Chapter 18 – Dousing the Fire of Inflammation, it changed my life. I’ve lost over 80 lbs. The painful inflammation, swelling, and soreness I experienced for the past 10 years disappeared in a matter of weeks! I’m off my prescriptions for good and my leg and entire body have never felt better. I have boundless energy, my skin is glowing, and best of all there’s no more leg pain or medications.”
– R. Francis, Orlando, FL

This startling research doesn’t stop with defeating inflammation crushing cancer, protecting your heart and rebuilding your brain.

I’ll also give you specific advice on how to:

Prevent DNA Damage and Reverse Aging

You will uncover the secret to healthy, wrinkle-free skin without undergoing “the knife” or painful injections with harmful side effects in the Anti-Aging Phenomenon:

Anti Aging

    • Get stronger nails and healthier hair in mere weeks.

skin banana

  • Repair years of sun damage and provide your skin with much needed UVA/UVB protection with scientifically proven natural topical compounds.
  • Find out how to naturally stimulate your body’s production of collagen (the key building block of smooth youthful skin), soothe inflamed (acne-prone) skin, and boost cellular regeneration.
  • Use easy-to-follow recipes for your own natural “spa treatments”. Fresh, organic masks, skin treatments, and toners that you can use to banish acne, reduce the appearance of acne scars, shrink enlarged pores, and refine your skin’s overall texture and appearance.
  • Anti-aging skin care guides for every decade of your life (20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond…).
  • Discover the ancient secret used by the Japanese to live to longer than the average American. It makes them look more youthful and have only one-third of the incidents of coronary heart disease compared to the U.S.
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Eliminate Stress and Beat Depression for Good

How would you feel if I told you that there are natural effective ways to treat depression and stress by simply changing the foods you eat? Yet that information is buried, because the pharmaceutical industry wants to keep their earnings up and shareholders happy.

It’s true… in order to protect billion-dollar revenues drug manufacturer, Eli Lilly & Co (the maker of Prozac) tried to cover up the link between suicide and antipsychotic drugs, despite research and findings as early as the 1980’s that Prozac actually leads to suicide.

Instead of working for your health and well-being, they only care about the profits to be made on one pill after another.

Many medications are not adequately tested in the rush to get them to the marketplace and the long-term side effects aren’t known until years later.

Your diet matters to your mental health.

You have the control to reduce stress and conquer depression with The Anti-Aging Phenomenon.

Rejuvenate Your Joints, Eradicate Pain and Supercharge Your Energy Levels

Are you treating your inflammation with pain pills, corticosteroids, or NSAID’s such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium?

You’ll uncover the two most powerful natural pain relievers to STOP pain and inflammation naturally. A comprehensive research study reveals how therapeutic remission in over 60% of rheumatoid arthritis patients has been linked to these two crucial pain relievers.

  • Find out why inflammation is a sign that your immune system is stuck in the “on” position and how over 100 serious conditions and diseases are linked to inflammation.
  • Discover the startling facts on why chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in the medical industry and often results in a prescription for sleeping pills or antidepressants.

Prescriptions aren’t the solution to these problems. The Anti-Aging Phenomenon gives you the building blocks you need to create energy for your life starting on (page 94).

And so much more… because you don’t want to turn your health over to “Big Pharma” and have to deal with…

Warning header
And you definitely don’t want to know…

The Staggering Cost of
Prescription Medications Over Your Lifetime

If you calculated the yearly cost of your medications over the course of your lifetime, you would pay up to $40,000 for prescription drugs alone.

This doesn’t include doctor’s visits, hospital stays, surgeries, and possible complications that could arise from your health deteriorating due to your illnesses.

The sad fact is that you’ve been assaulted by the pharmaceutical giants with multi-billion dollar advertising campaigns that work hard to convince you there is always a pill to cure whatever ails you. You can take another pill, but at what cost to your health?

Don’t Wait Another Minute
Uncover The Anti-Aging Phenomenon
Before It’s Gone Forever…

You can now have the key to restoring your health and improving your overall well-being by unlocking the Anti-Aging Phenomenon. You will become healthier, increase your energy, fight disease every step of the way, look younger, and live better.

Wouldn’t you trade a dime for a $100 dollar bill?

It’s a no-brainer.
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This book is a no-risk investment in your health and longevity. Take advantage of this life changing information that will transform your health, today.

Your body has powerful natural defenses that can be unleashed to stop disease, reverse aging, and strengthen your body all through the use of the Anti-Aging Phenomenon.

Educate yourself and your loved ones NOW…before the Pharmaceutical Giants try to force this life-changing book out of print. They’re working hard through powerful lobbying to ban natural cures from ever reaching your doorstep.

You can thumb you nose at their efforts by ordering this one of a kind, PRACTICAL DAILY GUIDE – written in plain simple language. You’ll be able to easily use it every day to stop disease and reverse the signs of aging.

There are no weird items you need to purchase, no wild diet plans. It’s clear and concise and contains a wealth of easy to understand information categorized by health conditions – which you can easily put your finger on and say “yes, this will help me!

Own The Anti-Aging Phenomenon – Unlocking the Antioxidant Secret RISK
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Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars… by using safe and effective natural treatments to prevent and combat disease.

Consider…how much you would save in medical expenses – doctor visits, prescriptions, and supplements.

Over the course of a lifetime the average person pays between $16,000 and $40,000 for prescription drugs alone!! What could you do with that money?

The chance to get rid of your health problems are here. Why not invest in yourself a little bit of time and less than the cost of movie tickets and popcorn for two?

Your life and the life of your loved ones are worth the amazing health benefits you will gain by uncovering effective and safe natural remedies found in The Anti-Aging Phenomenon.

Do you want to look forward to knowing that you will never again be controlled by the corporate food and drug industries?

You have a choice, The Anti-Aging Phenomenon gives you the power and the solutions that the Pharmaceutical Giants want to keep hidden. Take control of your health now.

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These Bonus Guides in addition to The Anti-Aging Phenomenon will give you everything you need to transform your life starting today. You will get these FREE BONUS GUIDES with your order:

Bonus #1: Cooking with Antioxidants

cooking with antioxidants The Anti-Aging Phenomenon gives you the tools and knowledge you need to Unlock the Antioxidant Secret – you have the choice and opportunity to feel better, look young, and live longer.

The next step is to put what you have uncovered to work for you daily. So how do you get the antioxidants you need in your diet quickly and easily?

With my recipe guide – Cooking with Antioxidants, is 37 pages long and packed with 47 easy and delicious daily recipes. My recipe guide will ensure you get all the antioxidant support you need. You’ll get antioxidant packed drinks and smoothies, appetizers, soups, main dishes, and even desserts for your sweet tooth. I’ve included a quick reference guide for planning your meals along with a printable to-go grocery shopping list.

Retail Value: $17.97

Bonus #2: Using the Natural Wonder of Honey

natural wonder of honey Several thousand years of history and countless scientific research studies have proven that one of the sweetest delicacies on earth is really a powerhouse that can help you look and feel better. Find out which types of honey have the strongest antioxidant and healing properties and why you must have this natural staple in your medicine cabinet.

This true gift from nature contains organic healing properties used for millennia. In this FREE report you will discover how to replenish your energy levels, strengthen your immune system, soothe your body, repair your skin, heal cuts, burns, infections, and even treat acne all by using the natural wonder of honey. This golden miracle works externally and internally as a powerful sweet remedy.

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Bonus #3: Top 20 “Most Wanted” Super Foods

top 20 most wanted super foods Eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. You have a jam-packed schedule full of work, family, and committments – it’s a rush to cram everything into your 24-hour day, sometimes eating right is the last thing on your mind.

Food is the key to not only living longer but living stronger. You owe it to yourself to give your body the nutrition and attention it needs.

This bonus report is a quick reference of the 20 “Most Wanted” and Delicious Super Foods you should always have on hand to give you the fuel you need to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

In addition to filling you up, these Super Foods will stabilize your metabolism and blood sugar without packing on unnecessary calories and unwanted pounds like so-called “convenient” processed foods.

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Bonus #4: 24 Foods to Avoid

Eating fresh, unprocessed, antioxidant-rich foods are a major pathway to having more energy, improved digestion, sharper focus, and becoming disease-free for life.

But equally important is knowing what foods you should avoid whenever possible.
Some of the best-tasting foods are actually some of the worst in terms of fat and long-term effects on your body. This guide will walk you through the 24 foods you should avoid at all costs!

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